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I am now offering Tshirts of my Euclid, Ohio wall mural!

Tshirts are available in sizes S-XXL
and available in white or grey, as well as the original Euclid, Oh script OR the Cleveland script

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a little bit of history......

2018 - Open a Boudoir Studio in Cleveland

2016 - Move back to Cleveland, doing business in SC & Ohio

2011 - Awww... 19 year old me with my first camera

2015 - move to South Carolina. Open my first studio 6 months later.

2017 - start getting very niche in my business, and decide to put more focus into wedding & boudoir photography

2012 - working for other photographers, & full time in Marketing

2019 - win "Best Photographer in Cleveland"

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listen, I have been a business owner for a while now, and boy would I do some things differently If I could....
The good news for you is I've got all sorts of knowledge, and experience to give! 



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"Passion and Potential Podcast speaks to my soul!! Arastasia is so easy to listen to and leaves me with action steps I can take to make small changes to my life that add up to big transformations."

- Lindy

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